Our first goal for the Community College Sustainability Collaborative (CCSC) is to provide a forum and a resource for community college faculty, staff, students and community to come together and share ideas, best practices and solutions for the issues we all face related to sustainability.  As such, to participate in this conversation and to share ideas you need not do anything but read and contribute to what we do here.  As this is a blog format, we request that you submit your ideas suggestions etc… to the moderators of this blog.  You can contact either of us at CCSustain@aol.com with anything you would like to submit here for publication.  To join this collaborative all you need to do is either subscribe to the RSS feed at the top of the page or follow the blog by e-mail by clicking on the box to the right and entering your information.  We do not track our members, sell our membership list or send spam.

Additionally if you would like to be part of our e-mail distribution list please send an e-mail to CCSustain@aol.com and include your name, institution and position.  We’ll use this list to connect people with each other and specific opportunities that may arise.

As this collaborative evolves, we may come to a point where we have benefits and services that we can offer that would justify a membership for those particular benefits or services.  The main portion of the collaborative, this forum, will always remain a free access point for the exchange of information about issues and solutions related to sustainability.