Our first goal for the Community College Sustainability Collaborative (CCSC) is to provide a forum and a resource for community college faculty, staff, students and community to come together and share ideas, best practices and solutions for the issues we all face related to sustainability.

There are other forums, sites and resources related to sustainability but none focus specifically on the unique conditions that exist at the two-year college level whether the school is called a community, junior, technical or two-year college. With your help we aim to be the place to go for help, solutions and discussions about community college sustainability.

Most importantly you will see our tag line on the site, a bias towards action, what we want this collaborative to be is movement and action, not just another place to sing to the choir and talk about what we should be doing. We’ve talked enough, let’s start helping each other make the changes we need to make.

Thank you in advance for your support and participation,

Michael Kane – President & Co-founder

Anjana Richards – Vice-President & Co-founder