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Community College Sustainability News – July 21, 2012


US Department of Energy , “Clean energy in our communities” video series features a segment on the impact of Luther College’s sustainability work on their local community.


Mercer Community College installing an 8 Megawatt solar project


Minister of Education for the Bahamas praises Baptist Community College for training Bahamians in the field of sustainable development.


Butte College, first grid positive college in America (video)



Community College Sustainability Highlights

Here at the Community College Sustainability Collaboration (CCSC) our motto is a bias toward action.  This means we’re less concerned with talking about the fact that sustainability is a good idea and much more interested in providing examples.

Portland Community College is using a community event to build The Worm Villa.  The event is called Village Building Convergence 2012, where participants will use natural buildings techniques and install a large water catchment system to house their worm bins.   Looks like a great event and the link is included here:

We are all always looking for data related to the options that we have as far as sustainable options.  Found an interesting chart from the sustainability website at Lane Community College comparing electric hand dryers versus here’s the link:

We discovered an interesting effort at Greenfield Community College, in Massachusetts.  A group of students are working on a permaculture project on the campus and they have decided to blog about the process and their efforts.  Permaculture is popular right now so this may be a helpful resource for folks trying to do the same on their own campuses.  Here’s the link: