Home Solar Course

 A list of resources for a community education course on becoming a better home solar consumer we are teaching here at Sierra College, use them as you will ~ Dean Kane


How does solar work

A fairly simple look at how solar works

A text version of how solar energy works


First steps

Home Energy Worksheet

Five things to do before you get solar 


10 Things to Know Before Going Solar

Consumer Guide to buying a solar system



A Guide to Solar Warranties


PG&E Resources

Home Energy Check-up

Rebate page

Energy Saving Tips


Solar Leasing

Pros and Cons of Solar Leasing

Another take on solar leasing 


General Resources

Solar incentive and rebate information links

Federal Tax Credits

Green Street Lending – An example of financial options specifically for Energy Efficiency and Solar

Put out by Sunrun so there is some marketing at the end for their company but the FAQ’s are pretty good

Should I buy or build my own panels?

10 Myths about Solar Energy (rebate info is a bit old but a good piece)