Sustainability News- January 12, 2013


A little tour around the web today of sustainability news we can all use in our classes and programs.


Over-fished Pacific Blue-fin Tuna populations down 96%, this is not a surprise, we’ve been talking about how abused a lot of these fish stocks are since the mid-80’s and still we keep on fishing them.


Chasing Ice is a new documentary out that shows the effects of global climate change using time-lapse photography of glaciers in retreat, the footage is spectacular and a novel and not numerical way to show the impact of warming.  Later this year there will be opportunities to show this film on campuses, check it out at


The news about climate change is predicting worse effects on a shorter time period, the most recent report can be found at


Obama administration on the brink of improving the first genetically modified animal for human consumption  However, you can argue our selective breeding practices have been doing something quite similar for a very long time.


Whole foods to implement and in-store sustainability rating system for the seafood they sell based off the Monterey Bay Aquarium ratings